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Clarice Shirvell

I believe I have a unique perspective on life and art from being a Latina American who grew up and attended school in both Connecticut and Argentina. I embrace both cultures, I love Connecticut and I am proud of my heritage, passing along family values and culture onto my children. Being half Bolivian, I learned from my father and my paternal grandparents about herbs and mud as remedies and to respect all nature, as our Aymara-Quechuan ancestors.

My art reflects my experiences and grows as I continue to evolve, now as a mother, reflecting on my own parents and family, I am embracing and finding connection with my values and those of my ancestors. I too love the solitude of the woods, it is my church, I see God in trees. My connection to nature is deep rooted in my heritage.

This Artist in Residence gives me the space and solitude to create, and share my art, being that the Meetinghouse is a spiritual haven has helped my creativity flow.

I want my art to inspire people to stop and see the Light in all of Us, the light that unites any living thing, a tree, people and understand we are all connected. Like a gratitude journal, a painting can show beauty in the everyday, and in doing so, we can change our outlook and pass along a smile.

Award-winning artist, Clarice M Shirvell, long time resident of Ridgefield, CT of Argentine descent, is well known for her accomplishments in both pen and ink drawings, and acrylic paintings inspired by nature. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Marymount College, NY.

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