Painting by artists Bricker-TrueAmericana_Sonoma 4th of July parade with children riding a fire truck

Nicole Bricker

Artist Statement:

My figurative oil paintings take the in between moments of modern life and condenses them into a visual narrative. Referencing common place situations, my work explores the ideas that moments of our lives have bigger impacts on the larger stories of our culture. The intent of True Americana: Sonoma 4th of July is to recreate the nostalgic feelings associated with yearly traditions of American culture. As a society, we all have that desire to celebrate our freedoms that were a hard battle and in communities across the United States, are universal.


Nicole Bricker is a figurative expressionist oil painter living and creating in Redding, Connecticut. Her work touches on the moments of life that are often overlooked as mundane while deeply rooted in individual growth as humans. She has an affinity to people watching and taking in the interpersonal relationships of others while seeing their relationship to the world around them. 

While a student at Perpich Center for the Arts in Minnesota during the mid 90’s, Nicole studied many different visual art forms. Realizing her love of media, Nicole then studied Radio TV Film at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh which translated to several media career choices. Nicole began studying figurative painting at the National Academy of Design after moving to New York in 2014. After an absence from creating visual art, Nicole’s passion for oil painting was rediscovered and her identity as an artist developed by exploring her creative path. In her current work, Nicole focuses on the in between moments of interpersonal relationships and how we as viewers translate them for our own purposes.

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