Graphic Portraits and Landscapes

Artwork by David Beebe III

Preview by Jim Pelgrift

As usual, something good is happening at the Meetinghouse in Ridgebury. Following hard on the heels of October’s thought-provoking exhibition of the women’s artist group the Abstract Eleven, the chosen November exhibition in the Shield’s Hall gallery reverts to a single artist format, featuring the works of David Beebe III.

David is an extraordinary man who has earnestly pursued his many passions over time in his family, his education, his career, and his art. For high school, he attended Dwight Englewood School, where he concentrated in math, physics, and art, a combined course work that would set the stage for many of his later pursuits. In college at Connecticut College in New London and the University of Hartford, he focused on many facets of the visual arts, including painting, printmaking, video, and conceptual installation. 

Once in the workforce, he leveraged his education, skills, and talents to start and manage a billboard and sign business in Dallas, Texas, where he met his wife, Andrea. In 1987 the couple moved to Ridgefield with their two sons, where David started an architectural illustration company that combined digital CAD and photo images.

In a later change of career direction, David decided to attend graduate school in order to become a middle school teacher, beginning in 1998. He served as a teacher in the Stamford, CT school system for 18 years, where he was a technology and media specialist, roles he found to be especially fulfilling.

David happily retired early at the age of 62 to join Andrea who was already retired from her career as a special education teacher. The couple has settled indefinitely in Ridgefield where they appreciate their community of family and friends, as well as cultural and travel opportunities.

Since his retirement from teaching, David has focused much of his formidable energies on the arts. He has been taking art classes—oil painting and colored pencils—at Founders Hall. Utilizing the skills he is taught, he draws and paints portraits, landscapes, cars, buildings, and other objects with the aim of creating humor and mystery among other emotions. His art reflects his background in and affinity for graphic design with a unique, characteristic flair

drawing of a man with a beard

In retirement David can’t quite shake his passion for education, and he volunteers/consults at the two Ridgefield middle school media centers. In sum, David Beebe is a consummate renaissance man. He pursues his many passions with singular focus, and the creative energy with which he endows his artwork can be experienced on many levels.

The exhibit “Graphic Portraits and Landscapes” will be on display at the Meetinghouse, 605 Ridgebury Road in Ridgefield during the month of November, beginning with an opening reception from 2-4 PM on Sunday November 6th. The artist will be available at the reception to discuss his artwork and his inspirational biography.

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