Art show Marcia Simha

Marcia Simha – Through the Eyes of Children

Paintings by Marcia Simha
December 4, 2022 through January 2023

Join us for the reception Sunday, Dec 4th from 2-4 pm at The Meetinghouse

Marcia is a Renaissance woman. With a Bachelor of Arts from Cooper Union for the Advancement of
Science and Art in New York City, she has worked as a needlework designer, a designer of theatre
sets, a muralist, a painter, an art teacher, a calligrapher, and an illustrator. Her extracurricular
activities include a stint as an EMT and educator, a restaurant owner, an avid traveler and as often as
time and weather permit, a beach bum. All of the above have added to her world view.
Her show at The Meetinghouse celebrates children, the world as seen through their eyes, as well as
‘A Magical Journey’, storyboards for her children’s book. In her choice of subject she is drawn to the
simple things of everyday life that give small pleasures: children building sand castles on a beach or
drawing on a sidewalk, totally emerged in their creations. Her images capture the essence of
universal childhood.

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