Hydroponic garden growing lettuce in trays

Farm and Food Update

Heather Cochrane was raised in Ridgefield and is completing a master’s in Environmental Studies at Southern Connecticut State University. She has been a Connecticut high school biology (among other sciences) teacher for many years, but is now in the process of creating a hydroponic farm in a shipping container behind Shields Hall at The Meetinghouse. Hydroponic farming uses a soilless method of growing produce, and by doing it in this way, produce production can go year-round. As part of the farm program, she is looking to work with high school students from both Ridgefield and Danbury. The goal is to have them learn about agriculture, hydroponics, and where food comes from so that they may be more aware citizens and they have some other career possibilities.

Hydroponic farming means year-round produce

Heather is thinking of running the farm as a CSA. If you are not familiar with CSAs, they are community-supported agriculture, and work by members buying a share, then picking up produce on a weekly basis. Payment is only in the purchase of a share at the start of the designated time period, and members do not get a choice in the produce they receive each week. At this point, the produce will most probably be baby greens and herbs, though vegetables may be done as well. The hope is to start this in the spring or early summer.

If this is something you would be interested in possibly participating in, or if you have any questions, please reach out to Heather at Heather@meetinghouse.life

View of an indoor hydroponic garden growing lettuce by Ryan Somma - Leafy Greenhouse

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