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About The Shutterbugs Photography Group

Visions of Ridgefield Shutterbugs at The Meetinghouse in Ridgebury

Opening: Sunday, September 10, 2023

Once more, the arts initiative of The Meetinghouse in Ridgebury is hosting a multi-artist exhibition,
featuring local artists. For the month of September, the Shields Hall gallery at The Meetinghouse will be
adorned with a wide variety of artistic photographs from the cameras of members of the Ridgefield

The Shutterbugs consists of 70-80 members, sponsored by the Ridgefield Library. Membership is free to
anyone who loves photography–expert and novice alike. The group meets on the second Saturday of
each month, but the core activity is field trips to locations ranging from those of natural beauty such as
the Weir Farm and the Woodcock Nature Center to urban subjects such a Grand Central Station and
New York Harbor. The group is always open to creative ideas for location and subject matter. They
believe that life is expanded by appreciation of the world around us.

The Ridgefield Shutterbugs was founded more than twenty years ago and is now headed by Mary Harold
and Ralph Baskin. The attitude of the leaders sets the tone for the mission of the Shutterbugs. In the
spirit of artistic freedom, they encourage individual choices of subject matter, perspective, and
composition. The group also embraces technology as a tool to increase creativity. Ms. Harold points out
however that the use of technology to alter raw photos opens up many opportunities for expression
that would not be possible without it. When asked what makes a good photograph, Ms. Harold replies
that everyone sees differently — a good photo resonates personally.

Co-organizer Harold stresses the openness of the membership, saying “all ages and levels of expertise
are welcome. Photographic equipment ranges from professional slr’s, to Iphones. When asked how she
advises novices to create ‘good pictures’, she says, “keep pushing that button!” The variety among the
works in the Visions exhibit means there is literally something for everybody.

The Visions of Ridgefield Shutterbugs exhibition opens on Sunday, September 10th with a reception from
2-4 PM, where visitors may meet the artists and discuss their works. The show will be on display at The
Meetinghouse (602 Ridgebury Road, Ridgefield, across the street from the historic Meetinghouse)
through October 15, 2023. Refreshments will be served.

To inquire about becoming a member of the Ridgefield Shutterbugs, please send an email to

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