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Wooster Hollow is coming to The Meetinghouse!

Exciting News About Our Community Partners and Construction Update

Director's Message

It’s been a busy time since we last connected!

If you haven’t driven by recently, you need to check out to progress on the Martinsen Barn, which is looking amazing!

The Martinsen Barn will be home to Cornerstone Home & Gardens

The Martinsen Barn will be home to Cornerstone Home & Gardens, an educational gardening experience for community members including over 50 volunteers and donates freshly grown produce as part of the Ridgefield “Dirty Hands, Full Plates” initiative. Cornerstone Farm and Gardens logo
Cornerstone’s goal is Our goal is to expand and create additional programs with year-round facilities and services for individuals with a variety of diagnoses. 


Conference Room Available for Rent at The Meetinghouse

There will also be a conference room available to rent in Martinsen Barn.

Our BIG news is that Wooster Hollow is coming to The Meetinghouse!

We are excited to be collaborating with Ron Herman and the whole team to provide coffee, cappuccino, espresso, baked goods, salads, soups and desserts that are “consistently delicious”!  Better yet, Wooster Hollow Will partner with Ability Beyond and Danbury Grassroots to provide employment opportunities. 

The Meetinghouse and Deborah Rundlett On Ridgefield's Shark Tank!

Ridgefield CT Shark Tank Logo
To learn more about the vision, join Deborah Rundlett and The Meetinghouse at the Tiger Shark Tank.


Tuesday, October 24


Please note that the event is FREE but tickets are necessary.  Come cheer The Meetinghouse on!

Art in Common - A collaborative Partner

Our other collaborative partners include Art in Common, Inc. 501c3 that uses art’s power to unite communities and foster connection. Art in Common promotes creativity, community, and compassion through the expressive arts by focusing on what we have in common instead of our differences.  Art in Common is located on the second floor of Shields Hall.
Arts in Common logo

You can learn more about the Art In Common mission here.

The Farm - A hydroponic farm
Coming in 2024-2025

Teaching High School Students About Farming

Coming in 2024-2025, is The Farm is a hydroponic farm designed to teach high school students about farming, running a small business, and to learn where food comes from, in order to open additional career paths for them.
West Lane Farm showing field in summer

While we’re still under construction that doesn’t mean that we’re not OPEN!  To learn more, check out upcoming events at

Gather, Grow, Flourish with us at The Meetinghouse!

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