We come to The Meetinghouse to flourish!

mind, body & soul

We invite you to learn, create, and collaborate as you balance being and doing. We invite you to take care of yourself, our community, and our planet as we share in this space and land and flourish together!

Join us for the journey.

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Chances are if you live in Western Connecticut, you have driven by The Meetinghouse, which has stood at the crossroads of Ridgebury Road and George Washington Highway in Ridgefield since 1851.

A small wood frame Greek Revival structure, the Meetinghouse was built on an older foundation. Flanked by tall windows, allowing the space to be flooded with light, the facade has a single centered entrance framed by pilasters and an entablature with cornice.

Over the past 275 years, the Meetinghouse has served as more than a landmark to our community… we are a gathering place!

If the Meetinghouse walls could talk, they would speak of the town meetings during the colonial and post- Revolutionary era… of the critical role the church played in the national drama of the Amistad captives… of the multitude of lives touched throughout the centuries.

Since its founding, the Meetinghouse has served a dual purpose—as a house of worship and as a place of public assembly. Today, the Meetinghouse is a gathering place for community, the arts, farm & food, holistic wellness, and leader formation. We are one house, many rooms, inside and out!

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