Donald Hulnick_ Pothole


Artist: Donald Hulnick

Title: Pothole

Size: 16 x 20 inches

A pothole is a depression scrubbed out of rock by a stream over eons.
The time span implied, and the autumn colors reflected in the water,
made this image for me.

My photography journey began during a camping trip while I was a
college student a long time ago. Film, of course. A cheap fixed lens
rangefinder camera. Didn’t see the images until weeks after the end of
the trip. I was delighted, excited, and motivated to go deeper. An SLR, a
couple of lenses and gear, and a darkroom at school with 24-hour
access, and my passion took wing. Fast-forward several decades. I was
slow to go digital, and even now I remain a slow adopter. Especially on
processing. For me the joy is in setting up and capturing the image, not
in sitting at a computer tweaking and remaking its derivative. But new
tricks must be learned!

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