Ralph Baskin_In_The_Garden


Artist: Ralph Baskin

Title: In The Garden

Size: 16 x 16 in

There are always dichotomies in life, both personal and in the greater world.  Photographically, I’m been presented several dichotomies in the manner of my landscape work.

The most significant choice I’m presented with is visible spectrum (full color) vs. the infrared spectrum. The non-visible spectrum reveals a different realm and can create a dreamy or stark image.  Multiple options in processing and/or black & white conversion send me down paths I could not predict on-site while capturing the image; new perspectives created by the unseen.   

Infrared currently represents almost 70% of all my photographic work (including non-landscape) and I often take the same scene in both spectrums with an eye to grasp or grapple with the unseen vis-à-vis the seen.


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