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Our Partners

At The Meetinghouse, we believe partnership is essential to the flourishing of people and place. We are blessed to partner with the Ridgefield community and beyond through three distinct forms of collaboration:

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Types of partnerships

Programmatic Partners

Programmatic Partners, where we collaborate with a variety of organizations for events, retreats, workshops and gatherings. Our programmatic partners include:

The Arts

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Ridgefield CT Poet Laureate Logo 2020- 2023
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Community Pantry
Ridgefield, CT

The Land

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West Lane Farm

Leadership & Wisdom

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Global Initiatives

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Collaborative Rental Partners

Collaborative Rental Partners with whom we share space, thereby providing commons, inside and out, for friends and neighbors to gather. Coming in 2023, our collaborative rental partners will include:

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Coffee Shop

Hands of children holding small leaves of different colors

Farm & Garden

Meetinghouse rendering of the art studio

Art & Wellness

Funding Partners

Funding Partners without whom the magic could not happen. These wondrous foundations, grantors, and individuals support us in a variety of ways: Restoration and long-term care of our historic campus; maintenance of the wetlands and extending of the pollinator pathways; exploratory projects to support the environment, strengthen community and grow future leaders; and on-going programming for the arts, community, the land, leadership & spirituality, and global initiatives.


The Lewis Fund

The Patricia M. and Robert H. Martinsen Foundation

Friends of the Meetinghouse

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Innovation Grant, Connecticut Conference, UCC


Casa Grant, UCC


Genesis Fund, UCC

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Seed Money Grant

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