The Meetinghouse | Ridgebury

The Meetinghouse is a place to come and gather (virtually or in person) as community. We are one house, many rooms, inside and out: a place to nourish body, mind and soul. Whether your join us at the Farm or Wellness Center or for the arts in the Meetinghouse, you belong!

Paintings of trees by Leslie Carone

Leslie Carone

Nature is my subject matter, whether I am painting a landscape, still life, or floral. I prefer painting from life, but find that my best work is a combination of close observation, emotion, imagination, and visual memory. I work in the studio or en plein air, and take inspiration from the many parks, land preserves, and farms of the Hudson Valley and nearby Connecticut. 

Painting by artists Bricker-TrueAmericana_Sonoma 4th of July parade with children riding a fire truck

Nicole Bricker

My figurative oil paintings take the in between moments of modern life and condenses them into a visual narrative. Referencing common place situations, my work explores the ideas that moments of our lives have bigger impacts on the larger stories of our culture. The intent of True Americana: Sonoma 4th of July is to recreate the nostalgic feelings associated with yearly traditions of American culture. As a society, we all have that desire to celebrate our freedoms that were a hard battle and in communities across the United States, are universal.

The artist studio of Clarice Shirvell

Clarice Shirvell

I believe I have a unique perspective on life and art from being a Latina American who grew up and attended school in both Connecticut and Argentina. I embrace both cultures, I love Connecticut and I am proud of my heritage, passing along family values and culture onto my children. Being half Bolivian, I learned from my father and my paternal grandparents about herbs and mud as remedies and to respect all nature, as our Aymara-Quechuan ancestors.